How to Grow Your Billings, and Get Paid Faster in 2017

Presented by Boris Petrov


Stop the clock, and escape the trap of hourly billings in 2017. Get introduced to the concept of ‘value-based billing’ as a way to grow your business and escape the limitations of billing for your time. Then hear 7 simple tips on how improving your approach to invoicing can get you paid faster, and on-time, backed up by exclusive research from FreshBooks.


This webinar covers:

  • Insights into where small business can get into trouble

  • Intro to value-based billing as a way to grow your business

  • 7 tips to help you get paid faster


About Boris Petrov

Boris Petrov is a Business Development Manager at FreshBooks, the  #1 accounting software in the cloud for self-employed professionals and their teams. When Boris isn’t at work, he’s competing in marathons and enjoying the great Canadian wilderness.


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