To Meet, or Not to Meet, That Is the Question

Presented by Jason Tselentis

Whether you're a freelancer, in-house designer, at an agency or running your own business, chances are you need to schedule and attend meetings. But your time is precious. It can be difficult to fit meetings into your calendar. Worse yet, you might not even have time for a meeting—or you might not want to be at a meeting. So when do you meet? When don't you meet?


Sometimes you need to meet in person, and other times you could do it virtually using any number of videoconferencing tools. But are virtual meetings non-meetings? It depends. And yet, there are times when you shouldn't meet.

Learn about meeting basics, including the fundamentals that go into successful meetings, as well as meeting no-nos. And if you're eager to learn about tools and technology to make planning and hosting meetings go smoother, you're in luck—that's covered too.


About Jason Tselentis 

Jason is an educator, writer, and designer. As Associate Professor at Winthrop University’s Department of Design, he teaches visual communication design, brand strategy and development, web design and type design. His writings about design and visual culture have appeared in EyeOpen ManifestoPrint, and HOW. Jason also has four books to his credit on design and typography principles, and design history.