Introducing UX at CIRA
Presented by Mike Freeman RGD
Introducing user experience (UX) to an organization is fun but challenging. There are bumps in the road to maturity and no guarantee that you will get organizational buy-in. In this webinar Mike takes you though the journey of “Introducing UX at CIRA” (Canadian Internet Registration Authority). 


From limited resources and home grown test plans to having an actual UX budget, learn from someone that’s already done the heavy lifting.



About Mike Freeman RGD

Mike is a UX Specialist at the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA). Over the past 15 years, he has held roles that include Front-end Developer, Creative Director and UX Director. Mike is now bringing UX best practices to CIRA. He is a self-proclaimed nerd about accessibility and a believer in universal design. Mike has shared his expertise with students and clients at Algonquin College’s Applied Research Division, and in the Interactive Multimedia and Design Program. He has also acted as a student advisor and RGD Mentor.