Inclusivity – Talking up in UX
Presented by Jeremy Bailey
Jeremy Bailey, Creative Director of FreshBooks, believes that empathy should be built into every product. His thought is that there is no "wrong" customer, just bad design. 

In this session, he'll discuss why putting the customer first is essential to the design process and how putting them first impacted his design principles. Takeaways include:

  • How to create a UX Experience that’s inclusive and useful for everyone
  • How to incorporate a participatory design process into your project
  • How and why you should add empathy into your UX design



About Jeremy Bailey

Jeremy Bailey is Creative Director at FreshBooks and sometimes self-proclaimed “Famous New Media Artist” at large. Bailey believes that technology done right empowers us all to be famous. As creative director at FreshBooks he leads a growing product design team helping millions of small business owners succeed without ever having to learn accounting. As an artist he has performed and exhibited all over the world, from bathrooms in Buffalo to museums in Moscow.