In-house Panel: What makes a successful in-house brand?

Join our panelists as they discuss what they’ve learned working for many years in award-winning internal creative agencies and share tips on how to create a fresh, forward-thinking in-house brand.


The panelists will answer questions that include:
- How do ensure your creative team has a deep cultural connection to the brand?
- How do you ensure your team has the team they really need to creative truly inspiring work when
everyone is so strapped for time?
- Do you strive to create new (and possibly scary) challenges for your team? Can you describe how
and/or an example of this and how this was valuable for them?
- How does strategic, long-term thinking help your in-house team to establish a strong
presence within your organization?




Moderated by:

Wendy Millard RGD

Wendy has an extensive background with in-house design management and designing the process in which to engage design. With over 20 years of experience, she has led several design rebrands in the technology and financial services sectors. She is an advisory board member and mentor for St. Lawrence College Graphic Design Program. Wendy’s formula for successful in-house design is to deliver high quality, award-winning work and exceptional partnership with internal stakeholders



Vishu MahajanUniversity of Calgary

Vishu is the Creative Director for the University of Calgary’s in-house Creative Studio. Her team manages the brand and provides creative expertise to faculties, departments and business units at the university. This award-winning team is a leader in project management, art direction, print and web design and is a trusted strategic partner for marketing initiatives on campus. Vishu has evolved the thinking on campus to build brand awareness, communication and foster a culture of openness and sharing, and where the creative craft and understanding of the brand are valued. She believes that creativity and strategic thinking are an integral part of the business and creatives should be brought to the table earlier in these conversations. Vishu provides brand orientations to all marketing and communications staff on campus and hosts a bi-monthly Design Council to bring together creative resources to discuss brand challenges on campus.


Michael MacaulayPorter Airlines Inc.

Michael is Director, Brand & Creative at Porter Airlines. He and his team create all of the consumer-facing marketing materials for the airline, including online, print, radio, email, outdoor, and sales materials. He is also responsible for the airline's in-flight magazine called re:porter and for the Porter blog called re:view. Prior to working at Porter, Michael had an independent marketing consulting firm. He is also pretty amazed that you read this far. 
Caroline Bruckner RGDDeloitte
Caroline is the Creative Director for Deloitte Canada, leading the Design and Video studios. She helps to clarify client goals and objectives and leads teams to innovate creative solutions that deliver results. Over 20 years working in corporate design, Caroline has worked with public and private companies, professional services and non-profits to develop strategic, award-winning creative communications.