Living the Dream - Life & Times of an NHL Creative Services Dept
Presented by Josh Dudych
Josh shares his experiences working with an internationally-recognized brand that has become synonymous with an entire city and region, offers insights into the design and strategy philosophies from True North’s Creative Services team.
Takeaways may include:
- Increased passion for the sport of hockey
- Insight into the inner workings of the front office of a live entertainment corporation
- Greater appreciation for the work involved with branding a product in an industry that you wouldn't typically associate with sophisticated design
- Insights into managing a small in-house creative team to re-invent a hockey brand
- A sudden desire to travel to Winnipeg
- Happy feelings and warm thoughts



About Josh Dudych CGD

Josh is the Creative Director for True North Sports + Entertainment in Winnipeg, Manitoba – the leading entity in the professional sports and live entertainment spaces for the eastern prairies region, and parent company of the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club of the NHL. In his 10 years with the organization, he’s played a role in a wide range of design and branding work with True North’s in-house design team, and at times found himself wondering how – if time travel were possible – he could explain to his six-year old self how he ended up doing this work for a living. On the occasional times he finds himself away from a hockey rink, Josh enjoys travelling, over-processing images on his Instagram, tiny dogs, and good times.