Trending Now - Why Visual Fluency is Essential for Creating Impactful Experiences
Presented by Brenda Milis

As designers, often our primary job is to build bridges between consumers and business. In order to create an open dialogue, content creators must adapt to the times by developing content that strikes a chord with the contemporary social, political and cultural climates.


To help creatives stay ahead of the curve, Adobe’s Brenda Milis, principal of creative services and visual trends, has done the hard work for you by tracking shows, galleries and campaigns from around the world - compiling data and picking out the visual themes consumers will be looking for in the year ahead. Whether you’re a web designer, art director, or marketer, join this session to learn:

- What is visual fluency and why is it important to designers?
- How does visual culture evolve and what top trends from 2018 are evolving into next year’s main trends?
- How can you tap into trends to ensure your work is relevant, compelling and driving traffic for your clients?


About Brenda Milis

Brenda is the Principal of Creative Services and Visual Trends for Adobe Stock. As a photo industry veteran and experienced creative director, she leads the Creative Services group driving three key, interrelated activities: servicing the visual needs of top enterprise clients; identifying visual trends; and curating content for global merchandising activities. 


Brenda is a California native, growing up in Santa Cruz and attending UC Berkeley where she majored in Art History. Her education and long-standing appreciation of visual talent led her to photo editing and photography assignment. She has worked for a large variety of editorial brands among which are WSJ magazine, Bloomberg Pursuits, Time magazine, Marie Claire, and Men's Health magazine. She also launched and served as the founding photo editor of


Before coming to Adobe, Brenda served as the Executive Director of Photography at Refinery29, leading both the editorial and branded photo teams. Working on branded productions allowed her the opportunity to serve the visual needs of a wide array of clients.