RGD Webinar: The Case for Colour in Design
Presented by Udo Schliemann RGD


Colour is deeply ingrained into our lives and affects our experience of the world greatly. It can improve an individual’s experience of their environment, and has the powerful ability to connect people to a brand or vision. Colour shapes our ideas, feelings and associations. But, not only do we perceive colours differently from each other, we also use colours in multiple ways across cultures.


This presentation invites you to challenge these differences. Why, for example, in North America do we tend toward colour-deprived design in both private and public spaces? What impacts could we make if we leveraged colour in a more fulsome way? Especially in a city as diverse as Toronto, where many people come from cultures that use richer hues more liberally, why are we shying away from bolder colours in favour of a more neutral palette? Udo will explain how we can use colour to its full potential, drawing from best practice examples in design. He will also show how it has been used as a powerful tool along with light, pattern and material to brighten community areas such as the new Weston Common or Daniels Spectrum in Regent Park, or to transform traditionally sterile spaces such as recreational centres or medical facilities.


Overall, this presentation will challenge attendees to look beyond the neutral colour palette and introduce bigger and brighter colours into their work.


About Udo Schliemann RGD

Udo is the Principal Creative Director at Entro. He has over 30 years of experience in identity development, environmental branding, signage and wayfinding design. Udo's unique approach to design problems, fostered by his mentorship by renowned German artist Anton Stankowski, combines artistic and poetic sensibilities to create powerful designs. In 1999, Udo started at Gottschalk+Ash International. His work has focused on integrated wayfinding systems and branded environments for an impressive list of national and international clients such as Deloitte, RBC, Sobeys, Canadian Museum of Nature, the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, MaRS Research Facility and the Royal Ontario Museum.