Worldwide Trends in Logo Design – A Look Inside the Numbers

Presented by James I. Bowie, PhD, Principal, Emblemetric


James examines trends in logo design from around the world by analyzing data from the World Intellectual Property Organization's Global Brand Database. This database compiles millions of records from trademark offices of over 130 nations, including Canada's. Analysis of these records allows the design of logos to be explored over time and across nations and industries.

This webinar gives designers a look at the big picture of logo design, providing an awareness of trends that is useful whether one wishes to emulate current trends or to buck them.


Learn how logo design has a larger societal significance, as logo design trends can reflect changing cultural values within particular nations.


About James Bowie

James is a sociologist at Northern Arizona University who studies trends and patterns in logo design by analyzing data from millions of logos registered as trademarks around the world. He first explored this topic in his Ph.D. dissertation in Sociology at the University of Arizona. 

His website, Emblemetric, presents updates on his research and has been featured in Creative Review, Print, Brand New, Inc., Design Observer, Fast Company, Business Insider, The Atlantic, and many other outlets.

Dr. Bowie’s writing on design has appeared in Slate, BusinessWeek, Voice: AIGA Journal of Design, Brand New, Texas Monthly, and The Alcalde.

He has spoken on design at the AIGA San Diego Y Design Conference, Chicago’s Society of Typographic Arts, the Phoenix Design Week Conference, the University of Texas Design Lecture Series, AIGA Jacksonville, and at many academic conferences. 

Bowie is a contributor to Design Observer’s Observed newsfeed, and served in a similar role at Quipsologies from 2010 to 2017. He also served on the Arizona State Quarter Commission, which helped design the 2008 Arizona state quarter coin, and was a member of the Northern Arizona University committee that worked with SME to design NAU’s new logos in 2014.