Empowering and Engaging through Co-creation
Presented by Jane Vita

Co-creation is an integral part of Service Design and is shaping the way we design products and services. Not only does it activate dialogue with customers, but effectively brings people together to work towards a common goal by working collaboratively. There are countless tools available to map experiences, describe paths and journeys, but what we need most are efficient ways to explore, ideate freely in an open and supportive environment. Co-creation empowers people to make better decisions, helps teams to share a vision and creates a viable activation plan to achieve desired results, as well keep the commitment in every next step.


Takeaways include:

- Understand a customer-centric method of co-creation involving stakeholders
- Learn how to empower people and walk them towards a vision
- Activate plans and reach goals

- Discover new methods and tools for tangible conversations


About Jane Vita

Jane is the Studio Design Director and Lead Service Design at Digitalist Canada. With over 20 years experience under her belt, Jane’s used her expertise in many design competencies to work in projects for a range of different industries and countries. At Digitalist, she facilitates the work of 12 designers, and also advocates internal and external dialogue around the Service Design practice. In client projects, Jane acts as a lead consultant helping customers discover their digital future.


She regularly shares her work in publications, workshops and conferences. She is involved in the leadership of communities and associations such as the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) and Service Design Network. She is always interested in exploring new and established tools, approaches and techniques. Previously, Jane conducted lectures on Service Design in Digital Context at the Laurea University’s Service Innovation and Design Master’s program, where she also graduated in 2013. She is a part-time Ph.D. student at Aalto University, and together with the Aalto Learning Environments Research Group, gets involved with research, design and development of New Media tools; as well as their use and application, in the field of learning.