UX Meets MBA – A Designer Goes to Business School

Presented by McLean Donnelly


Think of the company's you most admire - Airbnb? Casper? Warby Parker? Apple? What do they all have in common? They have prioritized design and customer experience at the forefront of their business strategy. If great design can imbue customers with trust, why are designers so removed from product management and the larger business strategy? As a design executive with an MBA, I strive to bring both worlds together to create a new model in which creative and design align with overall business strategy and company vision to drive increased profitability and customer engagement.

Takeaways include:
- Articulate the value of design in "business" terms
- Build strategic plans that include customer and business outcomes
- Teach creatives to use business metrics in their everyday work​


About McLean Donnelly

Prior to founding The Makery, McLean was the Vice President of User Experience Design for Shutterstock and previously, he worked as a design leader for Expedia. He earned a Masters of Business Administration from the Opus School of Business and a Bachelors of Arts from Gettysburg College.