In-House Perspectives: Digital Asset Management (DAM): Implementation and Best Practices
Presented by Erin Grandmaison RGD, Nadine Kuhlkamp RGD and Julie Barge RGD. Moderated by Kathleen Scott RGD. (Top 10 webinars of 2021)
Having quick, easy access to your digital assets can significantly improve your workflow. In this webinar, three in-house design professionals share their experience with DAM system implementation and use in their organizations.


About Kathleen Scott RGD

Kathleen is an award-winning designer with 15 years experience. For the past decade, she has been Creative Strategy Team Lead at Bruce Power where they deliver all things design, including a complete rebrand for the company in 2019. In 2017, they were honoured to be the design partner for RGD’s In-House Design Awards.



Selling the Value of Digital Asset Management

Presented by Erin Grandmaison RGD

After years of spending way too much time searching a digital library with thousands of photos and inconsistent filing, the Creative Strategy team at Bruce Power decided it was time to start using DAM software. Follow along as Erin walks us through building a business case, working with IT and getting users trained and excited about this time-saving tool.

About Erin Grandmaison RGD
Erin is a graphic designer with Bruce Power's award-winning Creative Strategy team. With 20 years of involvement in the design industry, her work has led her to collaborate with leading institutions, corporations and artists worldwide. Her broad ranging skill set has enabled her to design, manage, and produce projects on many scales.
Everyone is a brand champion!
Presented by Nadine Kuhlkamp RGD
Learn how Foresters Financial created a brand portal and digital asset management solution to empower designers, vendor partners, and employees with tools to create a consistent and cohesive brand experience.
About Nadine Kuhlkamp RGD, AVP, Creative Director, Global Brand Marketing at Foresters Financial

Nadine has over 20 years in the design field, primarily within corporate in-house, leading teams of UX designers, graphic and multimedia designers, experiential marketers, SEO/SEM, and advertising specialists. Nadine is passionate about coaching and development and as a member of the RGD since 2008, has helped provide mentoring for students enrolled in college and university level design programs as well as prospective and provisional RGD members



How we used design thinking to connect teams and build a scalable icon library by Julie Barge RGD

Learn how we used the method of “affinity mapping” to bring our creative teams together, sort ideas and build a customized, sharable and scalable icon library. I’ll take you through the steps we used to get there. I’ll provide resources, and share how we maintain and grow our library today, a year after launch. Finally, I’ll give you a glimpse into our design system “The Nest” which helps us communicate the purpose of our icons and their design principles.


About ​Julie Barge RGD

Julie earned a BA in Visual Arts from the University of Western Ontario which she coupled with a Post Graduate Certificate in Graphic Design from Humber College. She began her career in Toronto at brand design studios and transitioned to in-house to an established Canadian furniture design company. She currently leads an award winning Visual Design team in Digital Customer Experience at Canada Life Insurance Company.