Show Me The Money, Blair Enns!
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In this instalment of Show Me The Money, Blair Enns, author of oft-referred-to books Win Without Pitching and Pricing Creativity, will share practical advice for going beyond the billable hour. Blair will chat with host Julian as they discuss how Blair's tips transfer off the page and into real life.

Date: Thursday, January 21st at 12pm EST



Moderated by Julian Brown RGD

Owner, Creative Director of ON THE CHASE! Motion Design in Toronto

Julian is the designer and entrepreneur behind the motion designstudio ON THE CHASE!. At ten years old, OTC! has won international awards and collaborated with diverse clients—from Canadian household names like Cineplex and Shoppers Drug Mart, to video game maker Ubisoft and charity WWF. He is a graduate of the York/Sheridan Design Degree program, a world traveller and most recently a proud and terrified father.


About Blair Enns

Founder and CEO of Win Without Pitching

Headshot of Blair Enns

Blair Enns is the author of The Win Without Pitching Manifesto
and Pricing Creativity: A Guide to Profit Beyond the Billable Hour.


He lectures throughout the world on how creative professionals can win more business at higher prices and lower cost of sale. Blair also co-hosts, along with David C. Baker, the popular podcast 2Bobs: Conversations on the Art of Creative Entrepreneurship.


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