Signage and Wayfinding Strategies for Mass Public Transportation

Presented by Vedran Dzebic, Teo Herman RGD and Vince Gratton.


Building a Better Transit Experience Through Placemaking
Presented by Vince Gratton, Partner at Entro  
This presentation reviews the signage and wayfinding program for OC Transpo in the City of Ottawa which carriers 97.1 million annual riders, averages 340,000 daily trips including rail, light rail, bus rapid transit, and conventional bus routes. The presentation covers a holistic approach to branding hierarchies, system identifiers, route structures and maps, signage and more.
User Simulation for Signage and Wayfinding Strategies
Presented by Vedran Dzebic, Head of Research and Development at Entro
Teo Herman, Project Coordinator at Entro
This presentation covers how computer user simulation in wayfinding design can help to identify different signage programs that allow people to better utilize public spaces. Especially important during the COVID pandemic, user simulation has provided insightful information to designing wayfinding programs for public spaces such as mass transit and airports.



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