UX Design Series: UX Research

Presented by Aadil Khan and Matt Soriano. Moderated by Magued Hanna RGD.


This Series is presented by RGD in partnership with Adobe XD 


About Magued Hanna RGD

Magued is a creative leader with over 20 years of strategic, management, and hands-on expertise across media and industries–from fintech and real estate to high tech and automotive. As one of only a handful of UX Master certified professionals in Canada,
he has a deep understanding of UX for web and mobile, as well as a passion for accessibility. He also knows what it takes to grow a successful design team from the ground up–and how to foster collaboration, innovation, and excellence in cross-functional teams.

Talk name: Things I’ve Learned from Having to Repeat Research Results
Talk description:  You spent the last couple weeks putting together what you consider a great research presentation only to find out later that none of your insights made it to the next design prototype! Was your presentation too long? Did you invite the wrong people? Pesky designers, right? Wrong! 

I consider communication to be a critical tool for UX research. I also consider effective research communication to be more than just the final presentation you create to document your work at the end. In this presentation, we will explore strategies for effective research communication across the entire product delivery process. Things we will talk about include:
  • How to deliver findings
  • How to educate stakeholders on finding research themselves
  • How to increase transparency in the research process 
  • How to work with stakeholders to create a sense of accountability to UX research
The ultimate goal is to increase team alignment, increase confidence, and get our teams to make design decisions based on research unconsciously!
About Aadil
Aadil is a UX researcher at the Bank of Montreal and holds a masters degree in Digital Media from Ryerson University. He has worked on a variety of products ranging from apps for fintech leaders to interactive digital displays for the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Aadil has a love for asking questions, creating content, and understanding users. Outside of design, Aadil has a passion for martial arts and studies Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. You can find him at www.aadilkhan.com or on instagram @aadil.digital
Talk: Testing UI & Visual Design with UX Research Methods
The first thing that comes to mind when performing research in a discovery stage may be interviews, surveys, ethnographic studies or looking into the data. Further into the delivery stage, usability studies can be a popular option for task-based tests along with direct feedback on a design prototype. However, when we think about gathering feedback on the UI and visual design, or even visual branding overall, it can feel like a byproduct hopefully gained from the aforementioned research. With this talk we focus on UX Research Methods that can directly hone in on how the UI and visual design is perceived in the overall User Experience (UX), how it impacts the UX, and whether the visual brand identity is coming through as intended. We look at Desirability Studies, and asking the right questions during user research exercises help inform the UI/Visual designers on your team. If you find yourself in a UI/Visual Design role, you'll also be equipped with how to discuss what you need with your research colleagues involved in providing key findings to use in your work.
  • Why testing UI and Visual Design matters to the overall User Experience (UX)
  • What UX Research Methods can be applied to testing UI and Visual Design
  • How to run a Desirability Study focused on UI/Visual Design
  • Asking the right questions to inform UI/Visual Design improvements
  • Aid discussion between UI/Visual Designers and researchers providing key findings


About Matt Soriano

Matt is a UX Manager at the EY (Ernst & Young) Design Studio in Toronto, and has over 15 years of experience across research, facilitation, user experience and visuals, working for startups and large businesses, digital agencies and with various freelance clients. He has helped launch digital products in financial services, e-commerce, ad tech, event tech, social media and more, and his work has reached millions of users while managing diverse design teams. For the first part of his career, he also designed and animated ads for major brands across various industries, and worked for digital advertising and integrated marketing agencies.


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