Signage and Wayfinding Series - Placemaking

Presented by Loren Aytona Arena Prov. RGD and Adam Fine. Moderated by Teo Herman RGD. (Top 10 most popular RGD webinars of 2021)


Whether it's a single building or a complex of buildings, an infrastructure transportation network, or a museum or series of parks that work on a local or national scope; all require complex visual communication needs. Placemaking helps to create a distinctive image for a site that works with the architecture, interior design, and other elements of the environment to create a sense of place. This webinar will look at how the explicit communication of information in an environment can create a unity and a sense of place.




Loren Aytona Arena Prov. RGD

Loren has experience working with in-house teams, producing everything 

from brand identities and social media content, to research reports and large-scale exhibits. She is a relentless problem-solver and an imaginative thinker. Her design approach is inquisitive, empathetic and always joyful. She adores collaborating with subject matter experts, researchers, writers, marketers and creative folk of all stripes. Her passion and expertise lies in supporting research, educational and public service programs through graphic design. Her information design work has been showcased internationally – with permanent exhibits displaying in museums in Vancouver and Toronto, United States and Iceland. It is her hope that when people engage with her designs, they walk away with a better understanding of the world, themselves and issues around them.
Adam Fine
Adam is a planner with a unique passion—signs. He has helped organizations of all sorts improve their public spaces and rights-of-way with better signage: signs that welcome newcomers, signs that help people find their way in unfamiliar places, signs that tell big stories, and signs that reveal small ones. In concert with his colleagues at Fathom Studio, Adam has worked on interpretive and wayfinding plans for all kinds of clients: municipalities large and small, trail groups, Parks Canada, provincial parks departments, and universities and college campuses. He is a devoted project manager with a commitment to quality, universality, collaboration, and considers sympathy with the end-user to be his most important attribute. Adam completed a masters degree in urban and regional planning in 2018 at Dalhousie University, with a research focus on pedestrian mobility and transportation. He is also a recovering professional jazz musician with over 20 years of experience on the double bass over hundreds of public performances.


Session Moderated by Teo Herman RGD

Teo is a visual communication strategies for signage and wayfinding projects for the built environment. His primary focus is on multi-modal transportation systems and cultural centres such as Artscape Launchpad (USGD & Graphis Awards), Eglinton Cross Town LRT with Metrolinx, OC Transpo and more.


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