Accessibility in Design Series: Above & Beyond

Presented by Sandi Gauder and Niki Ramesh. Moderated by Magued Hanna RGD.




How Graphic Designers are Key to Building Accessible Websites

Presented by Sandi Gauder, Partner at CMS Web Solutions

Good colour contrast and easy-to-read fonts are the first things many graphic designers consider as part of an accessible design. They’re both important but other choices can also impact the accessibility of the end design. This session covers aspects of accessible design that are often overlooked.

About Sandi Gauder

Sandi is a partner, web developer and accessibility specialist at CMS Web Solutions. She provides accessibility micro-coaching for developers, designers and content creators. Sandi also teaches Inclusive Writing & Communication and Web Content & Social Media Accessibility in the Accessible Media Production program at Mohawk College.

Who is your Product really Accessible to?

Presented by Niki Ramesh, Digital Accessibility Lead, CBC

When we think of accessibility, we often think of WCAG requirements and compliance. But what’s more important is how your product or service can be used by different users. In the context of disabilities, that’s a wide spectrum of user needs and assistive technologies. In this session, we’ll go through the importance of user testing, how to co-create with the disabled community, some experiments we’ve run at CBC and how to include accessibility in design.

About Niki Ramesh

Niki and her team are passionate about providing equitable digital experiences for everyone living in Canada. She enjoys working with research and product development teams to experiment with accessibility features and embed accessibility into the development cycle. She’s also a co-founder of Access to Success, supporting MBA students with disabilities and accessibility startups in North America.


About Magued Hanna RGD

Magued is a creative leader with over 20 years of strategic, management, and hands-on expertise across media and industries–from fintech and real estate to high tech and automotive. As one of only a handful of UX Master certified professionals in Canada, he has a deep understanding of UX for web and mobile, as well as a passion for accessibility. He also knows what it takes to grow a successful design team from the ground up–and how to foster collaboration, innovation, and excellence in cross-functional teams.