RGD Webinar: Freelance Without The Free Fall: Money Management
Presented by Faron Dawe RGD



Freelance Without The Free Fall: Money Management

You've taken the leap to career freedom, to be your own boss, to pick your clients, set your own deadlines and make as much or as little money as you wish. You are a freelance designer! But now you're realizing it’s not all ‘picking the perfect colour scheme’ and ‘nailing a new logo mark for a dream client’. There are meetings, emails, proposals, clients to manage and, of course, -- money management. The need to understand administrative and finance processes, as well as follow good practices is crucial to the success of your sole proprietorship. Unfortunately, many freelance designers struggle here. In this webinar, freelance designer Faron Dawe RGD shares his formula for successfully managing administrative and financial tasks while doing the work you love stress-free.


About Faron Dawe RGD

With over 20 years of experience, Faron has worked with clients from a variety of sectors, providing solutions in visual identity, print, web user interface design and more. During his tenure as a post-secondary design educator, he was the lead instructor for multiple courses, including Design Principles, Visual Branding, Colour Theory, Print and Layout, UI Design and The Business of Design - passing his experience and expertise onto the next generation of designers, teaching, mentoring and directing them in a classroom studio environment. 


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