RGD Webinar: Freelance without the Free Fall: Proposals
Presented by Faron Dawe RGD



Freelance Without The Free Fall: Proposals

Imagine you are in the middle of an introductory meeting with a potential client. The company is doing some great things and you keep thinking how this could really be a keystone project for your freelance business. It's exciting (and sometimes a little scary) to think that they are looking to you to help them solve a specific problem or grow their business. What may be even scarier is the thought that the ball will soon be in your court to offer your recommendations, deliverables, key project dates and fees via a proposal. The fact is that this is another step in selling your value and abilities in a way that is clear and concise to the client, enabling them to make a decision to move forward.


In this webinar, Faron Dawe RGD shares how he approaches proposal-writing by walking through the general structure of a proposal, citing important information to include and how to present it to increase your chances for landing your next project. 


About Faron Dawe RGD

With over 20 years of experience, Faron has worked with clients from a variety of sectors, providing solutions in visual identity, print, web user interface design and more. During his tenure as a post-secondary design educator, he was the lead instructor for multiple courses, including Design Principles, Visual Branding, Colour Theory, Print and Layout, UI Design and The Business of Design - passing his experience and expertise onto the next generation of designers, teaching, mentoring and directing them in a classroom studio environment. 


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