RGD Webinar: Design Systems 101: Essentials for Graphic Designers

Presented by Michael Carrick and Philippe Gommes. Moderated by Magued Hanna RGD.



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Design Systems 101: The Essentials for Graphic Designers

This webinar provides a comprehensive introduction to design systems. We'll define design systems and explore their history and benefits. Listeners will also gain insights into some of the world's best design systems, which serve as great examples. 



Michael Carrick, CEO & Co-founder of XDS | Experience Design Systems Inc.

Michael leads a group of talented user-centric UX designers, researchers and visual designers who specialize in helping their partners create beautifully connected experiences. Michael understands how to create impactful, reusable and technology-driven tools that help designers and developers to deliver experiences at the intersection of people, business and technology needs. He brings two decades of expertise designing and developing digital experiences for industry leaders in Financial, Government, Retail, Insurance and Artificial Intelligence sectors. 

Philippe Gommes, CTO & Co-founder of XDS | Experience Design Systems Inc.
Phil helps organizations elevate their development maturity level by adopting more sophisticated development practices and empowering developers to work more efficiently. Phil has over a decade of experience in front-end engineering and full-stack development. 


Moderated by:

Magued Hanna RGD

A creative leader with over 20 years of strategic management and hands-on expertise, Magued built his career on designing insight-based, accessible products and experiences that engage, convert, and retain diverse audiences. Along the way, he grows and nurtures world-class design teams and cultures, fostering collaboration and cross-functional alignment. As one of only a few UX Master-certified professionals in Canada, he creates and scales cohesive, innovative omnichannel ecosystems, including the successful development of multiple company-wide design systems.