RGD Webinar: Finding Gold and Holding On to It
Presented by Scott Wilson

Finding Gold and Holding On to It

We're all fairly well acquainted with the need for the big idea and concept in our work as designers. Finding that gold, however, can prove to be elusive. In fact, most of the time it's not found at all. Instead, we dig, blast and painstakingly pan for it.


In this webinar, Scott uses case studies from his career to take us through his own process and methods to not only acquire that big idea, but the often trickier task of applying and holding onto it throughout the project when other things get in the way, be that clients, stakeholders, or in most cases, ourselves.


About Scott Wilson

Scott currently works as a senior designer with Daughter Creative, in Calgary. He began his career In Auckland, NZ with clients ranging from KFC and Bank of New Zealand through to the country’s largest waste management provider. Seeking a change in climate and international shipping prices, Scott touched down in Canada where he spent his first year in Montréal, working for a few big names like IBM, Couché Tard (Circle K), and Protegéz Vouz with La Maison W/Havas Mtl. Realising only then that West truly is Best, he headed for Calgary and joined Daughter, since picking up a series of awards from the likes of The One Show, Communication Arts, and Applied Arts. Scott brings with him an international and multi-disciplined perspective, an eagle eye for useful typography and a relentless-bordering-on-desperate search for the big idea, all of which supported by research, insight and logic.


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