RGD Upcoming Events
  • DesignThinkers, Canada’s only conference for visual communicators, is a must attend for any informed, forward-thinking creative, communications or marketing professional or team.
  • Presenters include Evelyn Csiszar RGD, Anthony Furia RGD and Glenda Rissman RGD

    Three firm owners share their experiences starting their own businesses and offer their best advice for your success.
  • Presented by Emily Miller Palmquist

    Among the most primal and effective of tools in visual communication is colour. Colours are like brands or people: capable of forming relationships, able to be manipulated or something that can bring cultural experience to life. In this webinar, we will explore the top 10 colours that will have global effect on design & consumer industry trends for the year ahead. Inspired applications will be covered through print, graphics, typography and product with Pantone Reference numbers and details of featured designers and brands.
  • Presented by Rhonda Page

    Whether you're new to the design business or been around a long time, you quickly learn that the client relationship is everything. Today there are many designers doing great work and clients can't tell the difference between one or another, making it difficult to get work.

    Thinking like a client can change all that. When you think like a client, you become a strategic partner rather than supplier and clients stay loyal and rely on you more often.
  • Join an intimate group for a discussion of the challenges designers face whether you're working in-house, in an ad agency or on your own.
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