Host Future By Design in your city!

RGD invites groups across Canada to participate in Future By Design.
Future By Design is a series of webcast discussions featuring experts sharing their thoughts on a variety of topics. As a virtual event, we invite cities across Canada to host local screening venues where members of the community can gather to watch live presentations, interact with our speakers and conduct group discussions.
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Benefits of Participating as a Future By Design Discussion Group

- See presentations and hear insights from leading creative professionals from across North America with discussions webcast live to your location 

- Participate in the discussion by submitting questions to the panel via text or webcam

- Connect with members of your creative community by inviting creative professionals in your area to meet up and have your own discussions

- Receive goodies from RGD and a variety of industry suppliers to distribute to all participants, as well as special draw prizes


September 2014 FBD discussion group at McMillan Agency, Ottawa


What you need:

  • a venue that can accommodate a group of 20 or more 
  • speakers and a large screen to display the webcast
  • a computer with reliable internet connection (webcam optional)


What's involved: 

  • Promotion leading up to event (RGD will provide link to details with RSVP link, social media messaging to be shared with your network, email messaging to be forwarded to contacts and pdf posters to be shared in your community) 
  • Tech test with RGD - prior to the event, RGD will review the technical set-up with you to make sure you are able to log on from your location and address any issues or questions you have about the format 
  • Hosting the group - RGD will provide giveaway materials and a budget for refreshments for the event. We'll send over the list of registrants for you to check people in as they arrive. 
  • Leading the discussion - During the break, we'll ask you to encourage attendees to engage with the topic and come up with questions to ask onscreen or in writing during the Q&A. 

May 2015 FBD discussion group at Sid Lee, Montreal


"There is a strong community of designers here in London who look forward to attending design-related events - it is great to have opportunities to build on this and create more awareness of the design industry at large" -- Jason Recker RGD, London


November 2016 FBD discussion group at Subplot Design in Vancouver


"Before tuning into the web cast we had an opportunity to chat as a group and have everyone introduce themselves. New connections were made - which was great to see!" - Wendy Millard RGD, Kingston  


February 2014 FBD discussion group at College of the North Atlantic, St John's NFLD



Email if you have questions hosting a group for our next Future By Design discussion.


Check out recaps of past Future By Design events here:


The Future Designer, January 2017

Panelists: Margot Bloomstein (Appropriate Inc.), Matteo Bologna (Mucca Design), YuJune Park (Parsons School of Design at The New School).

Moderator: Duane Bray (IDEO New York)


The Future of Content West, November 2016

Panelists: Winston Binch (Deutsch North America), Toria Emery (Sequence), Caroline Sinders (BuzzFeed Eyebeam)

Moderator: Stüssy Tschudin RGD


The Future of Content, October 2016

Panelists: Ian Ardouin-Fumat (The Office for Creative Research), Karen McGrane (Bond Art+Science), Andy Pratt (Favorite Medium)

Moderator: Vanessa Eckstein RGD


The Future of Design Tools West, July 2016

Panelists: Amber Bezahler (Design2Scale), Zachary Gibson (Google), Tali Krakowsky (Prophet)

Moderator: Julian Brown RGD


The Future of Design Tools, June 2016

Panelists: Magera Moon Holton (Etsy), Ray Sison (Work&Co.), Khoi Vinh (Adobe)

Moderator: Julian Brown RGD


The Future of Book Design, April 2016

Panelists: Barbara deWilde (Lead UX Strategist, New York Times), Steven Heller (Co-Chair, MFA Design) and Abbott Miller (Founder, Pentagram)

Moderator: Lauren Wickware Prov. RGD


The Future of Type, September 2015

Panelists: Laura Worthington (Typeface/Lettering Designer), Ellen Lupton (Cooper-Hewitt), Jessica Hische (Lettering Artist) and Nick Sherman (Fonts In Use)

Moderator: Paddy Harrington RGD


The Future of Human-Centred Design, May 2015

Panelists: Hannah Kreiswirth (Purpose), Marc O'Brien (Educator / Creative Facilitator), Jason Ulaszek (UX For Good

Moderator: Vanessa Eckstein RGD 


The Future of Storytelling, April 2015

Panelists: Jake Barton (Local Projects), Farah Assir (NYT Now), Elizabeth Laferriere (Art Director)

Moderator: Julian Brown RGD 


The Future of Making, January 2015

Panelists: Craighton Berman (Craighton Berman Studio), Charles Adler (Kickstarter), Heather Fraser (Vuka Innovation

Moderator: Marawan El-Asfahani RGD 


The Future Workplace, September 2014

Panelists: Gretchen Gscheidle (Herman Miller), Philippe Meunier (Sid Lee), Caterina Sanders (Habanero Consulting)

Moderator: Karen Oikonen RGD 


Consumer Engagement, May 2014

Panelists: Nicole Jacek (NJLA), Sabaa Quao (/Newsrooms), Michael Tippett (HootSuite)

Moderator: Lionel Gadoury RGD 


Creative Collaboration, February 2014

Panelists: Vanessa Eckstein RGD (Blok), Bob Hambly RGD (Hambly & Woolley), Jake Lefebure (Design Army), Emily Oberman (Pentagram)


Designers as Entrepreneurs, December 2013

Panelists: Aaron Draplin, Jessica Hische, Gary Ludwig RGD,
Russell Gibbs RGD


Identity Design, September 2013

Panelists John Furneaux RGD (Projektor), Ian Grais (Rethink), John Pylypczak (Concrete), Barry Quinn RGD (Juniper Park), Michael Walsh (SVA)


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