2014 Winners
  • This participatory project honours the voices and experiences of diverse elders across the city of Toronto. Through a series of inter-generational workshops, elders and youth worked together on various activities including filming a short PSA and wri...
  • Jane’s Walk is a global movement of neighbour-led walking tours inspired by urbanist Jane Jacobs. Bus shelter ads, subway ads and postcards were created to promote the Toronto edition of this global festival for 2014.These  pieces capture the communi...
  • Through marketing communications, website design and social media, the Klink brand communicates the positive transformation facilitated by this proactive social enterprise.

  • A brief video explains this campaign and suggests acts of kindness, while a ‘scoreboard’ tracks how many acts have occurred, emphasizing how people are choosing kindness over hatred at every opportunity.
  • This video explains the concept of 'Approval Voting’ with friendly fruits and vegetables is intended to assist in spreading the message that elections should be run more fairly.
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