Ottawa Art Gallery presents Karim Rashid: Cultural Shaping

Ottawa Art Gallery is hosting an exhibition of over 200 award winning designs by the world renowned industrial designer Karim Rashid. Cultural Shaping will be the first large-scale presentation of the iconic designer’s work in Canada to date.


The exhibition features industrial designs imbued with the sense of environmental responsibility and sustainability that is at the heart of much of Rashid’s current practice.


Date: The exhibition will be on display from October 11 – February 10 from 9AM – 9PM 7 days a week.

Admission: is free! Register here


Karim will also give a lecture on October 11 entitled Analog Versus Digital:

100,000 years of analog and less than 30 years of digital. Analog was material and digital is immaterial so what will happen to our material world? How will it catch up to our digital age? How will design inform this change, and how will social behaviours change?

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