DesignThinkers Series Webinar: What Are We Doing With Our Seat at the Business Table?

Presented by Farah Assir, Vice President of Design & Strategy at Meetup


Date: Thursday, October 15th at 12:00 p.m. EST


Now that designers have the proverbial seat at the table, what have we done with it? What are the unique skills that we have at our disposal that we might not think to use inside the confines of our job descriptions? Designers have the ability to partner with other disciplines to solve real user problems and ultimately change the future of a company. Let’s explore the opportunities we have to bring design activities to the centre of an organization, as well as the pitfalls that might keep us from those taking advantage of those opportunities.


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About Farah Assir

Farah is a Lebanese American designer living in Brooklyn. Farah came to New York City from Beirut with bright eyes and no specific plan. Her mission is to help people make things clear, simple, and impactful through Design. She worked on creating new digital products at the New York Times (NYT Now and NYT Cooking), and has been leading the Design team at Meetup for the past 4 years. Outside work she hangs out with her husband and 8 month old baby, does hot yoga, and tries to eat as much kale as possible.



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