Download RGD's Yearly Public Calendar

Take a look at our public calendar to know what we have in store for you this year!

Our virtual programming will include a full roster of conferences, webinars and awards. 


Click here for the RGD's Yearly Public Calendar*


This year, the RGD will host 3 major conferences, kicking off with the In-House Design Conference June 7 to 11 with registration opening March 29. Followed by our career development conference Creative Directions taking place May 3 to 7. Registration opens March 15. Finally, DesignThinkers takes place November 8 to 19 (open for registration April 14).


We will offer 3 award programs in 2021, starting with our annual Student Awards, opening for entries February 8 and accepting entries until May 28. The InHouse Design Awards opens for entries April 5 to June 11. And lastly, the ULTRABOLD Awards open for submissions from May 10 until July 30.  


We are also offering weekly webinars (free for RGD Members) on design education, accessible design, in-house design and more. To get updates on our upcoming webinars, subscribe here

*The public calendar will be regularly updated to reflect change in dates and deadlines, if any. 
If you have any questions regarding the RGD programs, email Abdul Omar at 


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