RGD Creatives off the Clock

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Creatives off the Clock is an online gathering to practice creativity through impromptu making.


Date: Tuesday, October 17th, 2023

Time: 8 pm ET


This event is open to all RGD members. To register, click here.


Creatives off the Clock is a great opportunity to get out of a creativity rut, beat burnout, meet new people and/or make some room in your life for spontaneous creativity. The focus is on play; productivity has no place here. And don’t be shy of some face time; say hello and share some interaction with your fellow RGD Members as much as you wish.


Participants will meet on Zoom and be given a prompt to then create something with materials that they have at home.


Materials for Participants to use at home could be:

  • Pencil, Pencil Crayon, marker, watercolour paint etc.; or
  • Collage and/or found objects such as stuff on your desk or from the junk drawer; or

  • Using unusual objects to create (e.g. a fork or paper towel)!


  • 5 minutes: Welcome/Introduction & Prompt (shared verbally and typed on a slide).

  • 30 minutes: Create.

  • 15 minutes: Show & Share (optional).


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