Upcoming RGD & Community Events
  • Watch online or attend a live screening and discussion with presentations by Chris Do, Jason Pamental and Jessica Zhang!

  • Presented by James I. Bowie, PhD, Principal, Emblemetric

    James will examine trends in logo design from around the world by analyzing data from the World Intellectual Property Organization's Global Brand Database. This database compiles millions of records from trademark offices of over 130 nations, including Canada's. Analysis of these records allows the design of logos to be explored over time and across nations and industries.
  • Presented by Barb Williams RGD, Matt Coyle RGD, Laura Stein RGD, Mikey Richardson RGD and Erin Craig RGD

    Five creative directors each share the most important lessons they've learned during their careers.
  • Presenters are Greg Mitchell, Yurko Gutsulyak RGD, Nicola Hamilton RGD

    Three Certified RGD Members each share their expertise and tips to broaden your skill set and enhance your design efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Presented by John McNeal

    Many have experienced the bitterness that comes after someone says they need time to “think about it” only later to learn they chose someone else. This occurs at the corporate level in marketing presentations and pitches, but also at the personal level as students vie for jobs in highly competitive fields.
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