Virtual Communities

Virtual Communities bring RGD Members together  to share knowledge, discuss experiences, propose solutions and support each other. This initiative reinforces the idea that we are not alone. We are a part of a rich community of RGDs working to improve our careers, communities and work. Each community is comprised of RGD Members working in similar areas, facing a particular set of challenges.


To express your interest in this Program, identify preferences and/or volunteer to be a Community Leader, fill out this online form. If you have questions, email . Details on becoming a leader of a new RGD Virtual Community here. Virtual Communities are open to Certified RGD, Provisional RGD and Affiliate Members.


RGD Firm Owners

Individuals who own a visual communication studio or agency with employees.

Community Leaders: Ian Chalmers RGD / Alison Garnett RGD


RGD Municipal Designers

Visual communications professionals, be they solo graphic designers, creative team leads, managers, etc., working for municipal governments.
We share our common issues, talk about possible solutions and exchange war stories as we working to make our towns and cities better.

Community Leader: Ruth Farrugia RGD


RGD Designers in Post-Secondary Education (PSE)

Do you still get a kick out of seeing a small brochure you've created being used by your faculty/students? Connect with other designers to share common issues within our institutions, challenges and triumphs as we navigate through another September start-up.

Community Leader: Alan Joson Provisional RGD



Queer and trans creative professionals working to champion and elevate the work that happens at the intersection of design and LGBTQ2S+ identities. It is our mission to celebrate queer contributions to design while centring conversation and action around inclusion, equity and diversity within the industry. This community provides a safe space for queer and trans Members to collaborate, support and build relationships with each other.

Community Leader: Kelly Small RGD


RGD Solo Designers

Visual communications professionals working alone, be they freelancers, sole proprietors, or independent practitioners.

Community Leaders: Nicola Hamilton RGD / Nicole Duncan RGD


RGD In-House Design Managers

The need for connection and continued learning is more important than ever for in-house design managers. This community is ideal for anyone managing an in-house design team who seeks a place to discuss the unique challenges and opportunities we face as leaders within our organizations.

Community Leader: Kyle Schruder RGD