Fragments is a study of the human mind and our abilities to remember. As my thesis project I wanted to create a book that inspired people to cherish their memories. In a time where technology is thriving, our memories are becoming more reliant on these innovations. We rely on phones to hold our family and friend's numbers, computers to hold our photos and documents, and social media to express our emotions. Through this book design I wanted to inspire people to rely on their mind to recall information and rely less on technology to do this for us. By creating an interactive book design this allows reader's to be presented with information in a variety of different ways which is proven to help people retain information. Each spread allows for an interactive experience adding the sense of touch to the reader's experience. The process began with understanding the concept of memory. One of the best ways to remember information is to write it down. Therefore while researching memory, I kept a journal to write down the research I came across. This process helped me understand the information better and be able to fully produce a book design where I was knowledgeable of the information. Through research, a case study, rough sketches, inspiration, and logo development I was able to develop this publication as inspiration for the mind. Overall, I wanted people to remember to remember. By connecting fragments of their memories together people can better understand themselves, their lives, and their ambitions.
Gregory Hergott Provisional RGD
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August 10, 2016
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Book Design, Branding, Illustration, Information Design, Motion Graphics, Packaging, Photography, Print Promotion, Typography
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Arts & Culture, Entertainment, Food, Retail
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Why am I a designer?
Design isn't just a career choice, but an outlet for my mind to release it's creativity. Being a designer allows me to constantly reinvent the wheel; challenging me to think in new ways. Without creativity, I fear I would turn grey.
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With design being my outlet, I constantly have creativity sparking through me. I stay aware of my surroundings and am always looking for the best possible solution for any project.