A combination piece of various objects of influence. "Live for what you create and die protecting it", quoted by Lady Gaga, this work is an amalgamation of what makes a person as a whole.
Raphael Maturine Provisional RGD (Junior/Intermediate Designer)
Managing Matters Inc
Creative, Graphic & Web Designer
Member since
February 20, 2019
411 Richmond Street East
M5A 3S5
Areas of Specialty
Branding, Information Design
Other Capabilities
Illustration, Motion Graphics, Photography, Print Promotion, Typography
Languages Covered
English, French
Why am I a designer?
I'm a designer because I love to work with others and bring people together through art. I have a passion for education and collaboration and I think that design is the perfect blend of both.
Why should you hire me?
I find that creative problem solving is the best kind of challenge
Where do I see myself in 5 years?
Working with a team of dedicated creative individuals. Sharing in ideas and inspiring others with our visions and goals.