A combination piece of various objects of influence. "Live for what you create and die protecting it", this work is an amalgamation of what makes a person as a whole.
Raphael Maturine Provisional RGD (Junior/Intermediate Designer)
Member since
February 20, 2019
Areas of Specialty
Art Direction, Branding, Information Design
Other Capabilities
Advertising, Design Education, Illustration, Motion Design, Photography, Print Production, Signage/Wayfinding, Typography
Identifies as
Languages Covered
English, French
Why am I a designer?
I'm a designer because I love to work with others and bring people together through art. I have a passion for education and collaboration and I think that design is the perfect blend of both.
Why should you hire me?
I find that creative problem solving is the best kind of challenge
Where do I see myself in 5 years?
Working with a team of dedicated creative individuals. Sharing in ideas and inspiring others with our visions and goals.