Danielle Donville Provisional RGD (Junior/Intermediate Designer)
YWCA Hamilton
Graphic Design Coordinator
Member since
March 26, 2020
75 MacNabb Street
Areas of Specialty
Motion Design, Photography
Other Capabilities
Branding, Illustration, Web Design
Languages Covered
Why am I a designer?
I've always been interested in how text and images can interact, and I have always been interested in a career that lets me be creative. I'm always interested in the latest technological trends, and design encourages me to look at those advancements to see how they can be best used to serve others.
Why should you hire me?
Of course, this is a question better answered once we've discussed your needs. I'm confident that once we've had a chance to discuss your goals, I can make an impact with your company with my creativity and technical skills.