A catalogue to document an exhibition by curator Noor Bhangu.
Jessica Tang Provisional RGD (Junior/Intermediate Designer)
Jessica Tang Design
Designer & Illustrator
Member since
May 13, 2021
Areas of Specialty
Branding, Editorial Design, Illustration
Other Capabilities
Book Design, Typography, UI Design, UX Design, Web Design
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Languages Covered
Interested in Freelance
Company description
Hi, I’m Jessica—an independent Albertan designer and illustrator specializing in crafting cohesive and accessible branding, illustration and editorial work.
Why should you hire me?
My specialty is giving order to and connecting a wide variety of different content pieces, especially for printed work. I can create cohesive, beautiful and practical design solutions that are unique to you and your brand, and are set apart visually by my attention to detail and strong sense of colour, composition and layout. I promise I am also very easy to talk to.