en;bar - Moderate Drinking With Great Delight ;)
The consumption of alcohol is a large number all over the world. However, drinking alcohol could be a social activity and a leisure activity. en;bar is not going to teach its users to stop drinking, but it targets to balance the consumption of alcohol and the joyfulness of drinking. Through en;bar Apps, en;bar “Spirit” and Smart Coaster to help users to drink moderately and brings more fun to this activity.

Winner of the
Global Design Graduate Show 2021 Digital (Interaction Design)
Distinction “UX Design Award | Nominated” 2021
Runner-Up in Idea Design Category 2021
CHUN TING (Anthony) LEUNG Provisional RGD (Junior/Intermediate Designer)
Innovation Network & Design (Group) Limited
Creative Director
Member since
June 27, 2022
Areas of Specialty
Creative Direction, Service Design, UX Design
Other Capabilities
Branding, Illustration, UI Design, Video, Web Design, Web Development
Languages Covered
English, Cantonese, Mandarin
Why am I a designer?

What is Design?... Is that only visualizing the aesthetics with business purposes? Or the problem-solving skills? Not only this, design provide us with the vision of seeking feature, through different media to communicate to the user, audience or any single one. The designer is the bridge for transforming those messages worldwide anytime, I am the one part of it.
Why should you hire me?

Experienced - Step by step to seek and develop my design experience through my life lesson

Comprehensive - Interdisciplinary in my hands-on skills and thinking

Innovate - Enthusiasm for new things and integration into the design or creativity