Beginning in 2021, our team supported the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association in defining and clarifying its values, and then reimagining its brand from that newly-established baseline. By incorporating symbols of Ontario's iconography and lakes, hand-drawn silhouettes of animals native to Ontario's biome, and anchoring the whole logo within an O form, the brand successfully evokes the OVMA's ongoing commitment to the living world's interdependence.
Parker McLean RGD
Harc Creative
Creative Director
Member since
August 2, 2022
Areas of Specialty
Acccessible Design, Creative Direction
Other Capabilities
Brand Strategy
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Why am I an RGD?
In the earlier stages of my career, I was always scratching my head at networking events, wondering why belonging didn't come as naturally to me as I perceived it came to others. What I didn't know then was how much an organization's values mean to my experience of safety and visibility within its context.

After attending RGD's DesignThinkers a few years out here in Vancouver, I began to sense the even-keel strength of RGD's leadership and to notice the organic friendliness expressed by its staff. Emerging from the pandemic and keen to reinvigorate my career, I chose to become a Certified RGD because of its clear commitments to kindness and inclusion at every turn. By becoming a member and contributing to this community, I feel empowered to hold myself taller, share more openly, and to shine as bright as I can.