This logo was commissioned for a personal trainer named Jacquie Gooderham. Jacquie wanted a logo that attracted the right customers, ideally women. Using bright cheerly colours and curves I managed to contrast the normal masculine look of most personal trainer logos and give Jacquie a unique feminine identity that would set her apart.
Dan Beauchamp Provisional RGD
Dan Beauchamp Web/ Graphic Design
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March 4, 2013
123 Maple Ave.
K8A 1L1
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Web, Branding, Packaging
Client Specialty
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Company description
I freelance from home full time, which allows me to provide clients with affordable design at a professional level.
Why am I a designer?
I love to solve problems both creative and technical. To me that's what design is, the result of solving many problems both big and small to achieve a well thought out solution.

Web & Graphic Design doesn't just serve as my profession, it's also my hobby and favourite pastime.
Why should you hire me?

My Process

We meet at your convenience to discuss in detail the scope of the project. We create goals, deadlines and develop a plan. When we finish I can give you an accurate estimate of the total cost of your project.

Knowledge is the key to success, I hit the books and scourer the internet to compile information about your industry, your competitors and your customers, to make sure that your company is being represented the right way.

The first idea is almost always the worst idea. I don’t just brainstorm until I find an idea, I brainstorm until I have no ideas left to work with, this ensures you get what your looking for.

This is where I make the decision on which ideas to use and settle on the first rough draft design concepts, generally this would consist of developing three to five different design ideas for you to choose from.

I present my ideas for each design concept, the reasoning behind each decision and why I believe it would be successful. The concepts at this stage would be digital mock-ups of the finished product so that you can visualize your product before it’s produced.

I ask you to choose one design to work with and I continue working that design until both you and I are happy with the final outcome. There are generally one to two rounds of revisions before a project is finalized.

Once the project is finalized, files are assembled and submitted to you after the final invoice is payed in full. Printers will receive your files for print also after the final invoice is paid in full. All required file types will be included.

Don’t let that great new design and all that hard earned money go to waste! I make sure to update all your social media sites so that your clients know about the exciting news!