The Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) is a not for profit organization that is headquartered in Chicago. As part of a new corporate image program we identified the need to communicate the why someone would want to be a member. The challenge is often convincing others that the why they do something is more important to communicate than what they do. Sharing best practices with other members is the most important benefit. Learning is what happens at every event, it's why you invest in coming to an AME event. Growing your business because of the knowledge you take away from the sharing and the learning is the bottom line reason why you want to participate.
Rod Overall RGD Emeritus (Retired)
M&O Lean Communications
Member since
May 1, 1996
106 Marcel Chaput
J9A 3B2
613 796 8239
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Branding, Packaging, Web
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Company description
M&O Lean Communication Programs
(M&O means Marketing & Operational Lean Communications), Customer Value Mapping, Corporate Image Programs.
Why am I a designer?
Interesting Question! I think it is because I'm dyslexic. When you're dyslexic the neucortex is wired up so that perception and problem solving is heightened. I had no idea I was challenged until well into my thirties, I just thought I was a bit slow in the head and really bad at reading, but kinda good at drawing. Over the years I have learned that being dyslexic provides you with an amazing ability to see things others struggle with. It is said over 50% of the people working in NASA are dyslexic or autistic. Why? Their dog-to-a-bone dedication to searching for the best solution and seeing a problem through to the very end are some of positive traits that come with dyslexia. I wonder how many designers are as well? I'm a maximizer. I believe design is the ultimate solution to all communication challenges. And the main reason ...I love what I do!
Why should you hire me?
My work today is focused more on driving lean thinking (the Toyota way) into my customer's mind set. Practicing lean principles revolutionized the way I apply design for my customers, dramatically improving my customer's ability to communicate more effectively. If you want to assure success you need to customer value map every element of a design program. Lean out your customer's communication process by removing the waste and helping them drive to the proposition stage 70% faster.