Corporate Identity and Branding guidelines for the Insurance Bureau of Canada
Jon Vopni RGD Emeritus (Retired)
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May 1, 1996
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Branding, Packaging, Web Design
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Company description
Vopni & Parsons was incorporated in 1984 and is an accredited member of the Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario. Vopni & Parsons is experienced in strategic business communications and specializes in the provision of graphic design, corporate communications and advertising services to a select group of national and international corporations from a wide range of industries. The company conceives, develops and supervises the creation of all corporate communications, including project management and all phases of print production. The scope of our work includes but is not limited to corporate identities, corporate brochures, annual reports, trade shows, packaging, p.o.p. materials, direct mail, print advertising, video and web site design.

Through thirty years of operation, Vopni & Parsons philosophy is all about building partnerships. Offering a full service-oriented approach and a business strategy based on working closely with clients whom we service exceptionally well. We believe in building long-lasting business relationships and in working collaboratively with our clients to find real solutions to real communications problems. Our partnership approach obligates us to get to know each of our clients (the nature of their businesses, their cultures, their philosophies, etc.) thoroughly so that we might participate actively in helping them to meet their communications challenges. We attribute much of our success and many rewarding business relationships to this partnering approach.

Why am I a designer?
The creative process is so rewarding. I love assisting clients improve and or define their brand. There is nothing like the thrill of nailing a concept that truly exemplifies a clients business story.
Why should you hire me?
Your not just looking for a designer, your looking for a design thinker, someone that can quickly grasp your business challenges.
A problem solver, a creative strategist with lots of experience to create meaningful solutions to real challenges.

Im a designer that gets you and your business needs.