Yann AFIX Industry Supplier
AFIX Poster Display
Member since
January 10, 2014
251 Laurier Ave W
Company description
AFIX PosterDisplay designs and manufactures a unique Poster Display system.
Lightweight and customizable by design, the AFIX system gives you the freedom to create an infinite number of shapes (frames, stands, towers, image walls, circular displays, etc.), in any custom-built sizes.
An ingenious tension system elegantly underlines your message, so it can achieve perfect presentation, and a magical “float-in-the-air” look and feel.
Our shop is based in Montreal, with an administrative office in Ottawa. Sales representation is available all across Ontario.
We love working with designers, embrace all large or small projects, and always stand by our clients in all aspects of their Visual Communication projects.
Why am I a supplier of RGD?
We have partnered with RGD since 2002, sponsoring exhibits year after year.
This meaningful partnership, and getting to work with amazing designers has taught us a lot.
We are suppliers of RGD because our products are a great match for brands or communities that want to differentiate themselves; and because we love helping people and companies make their messages stand out.
How do I serve the design community?
We stand for Visual Excellence, because your message will get across when your poster looks its absolute best.
We stand for Simplicity, because simple and elegant messages convey striking clarity.
We stand for Truly supporting the environment, by offering 100% recycled and recyclable lightweight displays, built locally.
What are some of the favourite projects I've worked on?
It was great participating in the 2013 Design@Work Exhibit, at the Waterloo Airport. The displays and posters were placed right in the middle of the luggage carrousels during the reception… really creative!
All editions of the In House Design Awards (usually during DesignThinkers) were the occasion to create very inspiring exhibits, thanks to the guidance of the RGD team.
Working with some Ontario schools and providing amazing Grad show exhibits is always an amazing experience as well.