Billing Docket

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The billing docket is a great example of how you can better manage your costs and profitability on a project. You should track your hours and any costs against your billable rate, then look at your gross income. You should also track expenses related to the project, especially if they are not included in your service scope. Expenses can really eat away at your project profitability. This docket can give you a better picture of your design project health and provide insight on how accurately you are estimating your work.


When to Use This Form

A billing docket should be used throughout the entire project’s duration.


Special Considerations


For In-House Designers
This could be used by in-house design departments who use a chargeback system (i.e. charging internal departments who request work from them, either monetarily or using a points system). They may be required to break down the project fee into specific design and production costs when billing internal clients.