Client Evaluation of Agency Performance

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This client evaluation is a tool for agencies and firms to receive valuable, specific ratings from their clients on various aspects of their creative work and account management, including client communication and organizational behaviour. This form communicates to clients that the agency values their feedback, and lets the agency know where they can improve so that they are able to retain current clients and enhance relations with future clients.


When to Use This Form

After a project or campaign is completed and the invoice is paid, an agency or firm would send this to their client to gain valuable feedback.


Special Considerations

For Freelancers
When you’re working solo, you don’t have a boss to provide you with feedback about your work and performance. Consider providing your clients with a feedback form or questionnaire to help identify areas where you excel and uncover opportunities for improvement.


For In-House Designers
This would be useful for in-house agencies and departments to get feedback from internal clients and other departments for whom they do work. Receiving praise can boost the morale of their creatives. Finding out any possible pain points can help to streamline the project management and creative processes, and facilitate communication with internal clients.