Independent Contractor Agreement (General)

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A general independent contractor agreement is used when a company decides to hire an outside contractor for a non-project specific engagement (see also Project-Specific Independent Contractor Agreement). The contract should outline the terms and conditions of the agreement including but not limited to the contractor’s fees, length of engagement, payment terms, copyright ownership, non-compete and/or non-disclosure clauses.


When to Use This Form


A general independent contractor agreement should be used anytime an outside contractor who is not an employee of your company or organization is contracted for general services to establish the terms of the engagement and protect both parties involved.


Special Considerations

For Freelancers
When negotiating a general independent contractor agreement with a design studio, you may wish to consider including terms and conditions regarding portfolio usage, expected number of hours to be completed, expected hours of operation and location where services will be rendered.


For In-House Designers
If an in-house department requires an outside contractor (for example a web developer or videographer) who is not an employee of your company or organization, this form would be used to set terms for regular work done by the contractor over a period of time.