Non-compete Disclosure Agreement

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A non-compete disclosure agreement outlines the terms and conditions around confidentiality and non-compete terms between a business and an employee, contractor or vendor. It is often a one-way agreement that is designed to protect the business from being exposed to unfair competition if confidential business information were to be shared by a former employee, contractor or vendor. This confidential information can include but is not limited to trade secrets, client information and/or solicitation of clients, employees or suppliers.


When to Use This Form

A non-compete disclosure agreement should be used at the beginning of an engagement with a new employee, contractor or vendor prior to releasing any confidential information.


Special Considerations


For In-House Designers
This form is geared more toward agencies or firms. In-house departments may consider using the Employee Contract Form for setting terms regarding non-disclosure of confidential company information and obligations in the case of termination, including non-compete terms.