PR Committee


  • Propose, develop and review strategies to raise awareness of the Association and the RGD designation with business.
  • Propose, develop and review strategies to raise awareness of the Association and the RGD designation in the media.
  • Review and comment on on-going RGD public relations and advertising.


  • DesignThinker of the Year

    RGD partners with Rotman School of Management to recognize Canadian corporate leaders whose appreciation for the role of design drives innovation and business success within their organizations. In 2016, Peter Aceto, President/CEO of Tangerine, and Steve Beauchesne, co-founder/ CEO of Beau’s All Natural Brewing, accepted the Awards at our DesignThinkers Conference.


    Design at Work

    In 2016, RGD launched a new program to raise awareness about graphic design’s value to business by presenting examples of local design projects on posters. Posters are being distributed to local businesses and in public spaces in Guelph, Kingston, Kitchener, London, Markham, Ottawa, Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury.

  • Chair: Wendy Millard RGD, Kingston

    Wendy is Design Manager at Empire Life and has an extensive background with in-house design management. With over 18 years of experience, she’s led several design rebrands in the technology and financial services sectors. She is a graduate, Advisory Board Member and mentor for St. Lawrence College Graphic Design Program. 


    Anthony Furia RGD, Toronto

    Anthony's career has spanned 3 continents with time spent in the creative industries of Sydney and London before moving to Canada and founding design and branding firm Furia. With 15 years experience in design, branding, web and advertising, Anthony has helped hundreds of clients across commerce, arts and culture realize the power of design. 


    Norm Lourenco RGD, Toronto

    Norm is Creative Director at K9 strategy+design. He has 25 years of experience in creating strategies to execute branding and publication design for many of Canada’s small independent to large multi-title publishers and countless entrepreneurial, professional and non-profit clients with their design and communications opportunities.


    Josh McInerney RGD, Toronto

    Josh is Manager of Design and Creative Services at Ryerson University. Previously, he was creative director and partner at Modu Design where he worked on design projects for BMW, Manulife Financial, The University of Toronto and Cineplex. Josh is on the Advisory Board of NextCanada. 


    Laura Sellors RGD, Toronto

    Laura is Managing Director, Business Development, at Entro. Previously, she was Managing Director at Crescent, a communications design firm serving the non-profit sector. Laura holds an Honours BAA and certificate in Design Management from Ryerson University. She is on the Advisory Committee for the School of Media Studies at Humber College, participating most recently in the review and endorsement of the proposed Bachelor of Design and Certificate in User Experience Design programs. 


  • Presented by Wendy Millard RGD at RGD's AGM on April 27, 2017


    My name is Wendy Millard RGD and I’m pleased to present the 2016 Report of the PR Committee. Our mandate is to propose, develop and review strategies to raise the profile of the Association and RGD designation in the media and to business.


    The Committee’s most successful program is DesignThinker of the Year. This Award was created in 2013 to recognize Canadian CEOs using design for strategic advantage. In 2016, Awards were given to the President & CEO of Tangerine and Steve Beauchesne, the co-founder & CEO of Beau's All Natural Brewing. The awards were presented at DesignThinkers 2016, in the presence of over 1,500 professionals and students from the creative industry. RGD Video Production Partner MediaFace produced two amazing videos featuring our two winners explaining how design has impacted their business. These videos were shown at DesignThinkers in advance of both recipients accepting their Awards on stage.


    DesignThinkers has been a great mechanism to drive awareness of the Association. With 2,100 participants over four days of activities, the 17th annual DesignThinkers Conference was the largest gathering of creative professionals RGD has ever hosted. In 2017, we will be hosting two DesignThinkers events with the addition of DesignThinkers Vancouver May 30 and 31. This will be the first DesignThinkers event hosted outside of Toronto and a major opportunity for promotion to designers outside of Ontario. We have partnered with the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC) for the event and have arranged promotional with many additional organizations including the Graphic Artists Guild, Type Club, Industrial Designers Society of America, Editors of Canada and Interior Designers of Canada.


    The Committee’s Bring-a-Client initiative is an opportunity for RGDs attending DesignThinkers to bring an internal or external client to a conference session. The initiative offers Members the opportunity to kick start a conversation about the value of design and educate clients on industry best practices. Moving the strategy sessions of DesignThinkers to a new venue – across the street from the main DesignThinkers sessions - allowed us to expand the program in 2016 from having one session each day that clients could choose from to making all of the Strategy sessions Bring-a-Client opportunities. The numbers of clients participating has not been large so the Committee will be working over the next few months to consider how and if we move forward with the Bring-a-Client option at DesignThinkers in Toronto this Fall.


    In 2016, the Committee launched a new initiative as part of our on-going Design at Work brand. The new Program aims to raise awareness about graphic design's value to businesses by presenting examples of graphic design projects that have improved a company's visibility and recognition through identity design, packaging, website or promotion and communications. For it, we created a series of posters featuring local Members’ work in Guelph, Kingston, Kitchener, London, Markham, Ottawa, Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury. Each posters features a link to Members in the area as part of the RGD Designer Directory. In 2017, we have been developing digital versions of the content and will be launching these shortly.


    The Committee is also focusing on other ways to bring more client traffic to the RGD Designer Directory. We will be investigating SEO for the site to ensure that RGD comes up when someone searches for “how to hire a designer” and creating more tools to help clients who are looking to hire and may not know where to start. 


    I would like to thank the Committee for their work this year. They are Diego Casco RGD, Bob Hambly RGD, Andrew Kuzyk RGD, Josh McInerney RGD, Laura Sellors RGD, and our newest Members Norm Lourenco and Anthony Furia.

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