Events Committee


  • Provide insights on RGD programs and events and to encourage grassroots Member activity. 
  • Provide relevant, meaningful, accessible opportunities for networking, professional development and community building.


  • (a) Webinar Program

    - Increase relevance and value of Webinars with goal to increase participation; use of content (videos/slides) after the fact; raise program revenue

    - Research speakers/review content proposals

    - Consider importance of in-house audience


    (b) DesignThinkers

    - Develop additional programming to support engagement and interactions at our DesignThinkers Conferences, particularly among RGD Members.

    - Research speakers / review content proposals


    (c) Awards

    - Develop recommendations to enhance 2018 In-House Design Awards .

    - Monitor So(Good) success in 2018 and develop recommendations for 2020.


    (d) Local Events

    - Increase participation satisfaction and event locations for Future By Design.

    - Support Designers + Drinks + Discussions by adding locations across Canada with goal to increase locations to 10. Develop a document outlining steps to host a D+D+D event.

  • In-House Design Awards

    This program launched in 2016 to recognize the best design work produced by internal creatives in Canada. We invite designers working within companies, associations, government and other organizations across Canada and around the world to submit work to compete against peers and help RGD demonstrate the value and effectiveness of in-house designers. The Program will re-launch in early 2019.



    Accessible from anywhere in North America, RGD hosted 40 professional development webinars in 2018, free for RGD Members. These live, weekly, lunch-time sessions continue to cover industry trends, business best practices and insights into the design process. 


    Social Good Design Awards

    Every other year, RGD invites submissions of graphic design projects from around the world done under the theme of communication design for social good; work with the power to incite action and make meaningful change in the way we live our lives. We will open this program for entries again in 2020.


    Future by Design Webcasted Panels 

    Future By Design is a series of webcast discussions featuring experts sharing their thoughts on a variety of topics. As a virtual event, we invite cities across Canada to host local screening venues where members of the community can gather to watch panelists’ presentations, conduct their own group discussions and participate in the live Q&A.
  • Chair: Jesse Gibb RGD, London

    After a 12 year stint running a solo design shop, Jesse has been an integral player in the development of brand identities for a range of clients at Carve. Whether it’s a hotdog cart or a growing credit union, he relishes the challenge that comes with learning the specifics of a client’s business, assessing its needs, and that buzz that always comes with finding the right design solution.


    Ross Chandler, Affiliate Member, Vancouver

    Ross is a graphic designer and creative director at Ross Chandler Creative Projects. His studio creates compelling and relevant strategic brands, identities, campaigns, product packaging and interiors. A graduate of OCAD, Ross spent the early years of his career at leading Canadian design studios Hambly & Woolley (Toronto) and Subplot Design (Vancouver).
    Mary Davis RGD, Thunder Bay

    A self-proclaimed packaging enthusiast with a love for a good dieline, Mary strives to make the world a more colourful place one design at a time. As a Senior Graphic Designer at Korkola Design Communications in Thunder Bay, Ontario, she produces work for clients including Wildly Canadian and OLG.

    Melanie Di Tullio RGD, Ottawa
    Melanie is Manager, Graphic Design & Digital Communications at Canadian Paint and Coatings Association. Over the course of her career, her roles have required her to develop targeted, on-message and highly-creative concepts, designed to deliver results for client objectives.
    Nicole Duncan RGD, Kingston
    Nicole is an Art Director and Graphic Designer with 10 years experience in a range of areas in the industry. She collaborates with clients and agencies on original, persuasive and intelligent solutions that connect to consumers. 


    Ruth Farrugia RGDMontreal

    Ruth is an in-house designer working at Ville de / City of Côte Saint-Luc with over 10 years experience. She is also the owner, Fishtank Communications. She brings her passion and expertise to every client’s project, be it big or small. Her varied client list has allowed her to work on many different types of visual communications and she’s always up for a new challenge. 


    Anthony Furia RGD, Toronto

    Anthony is the founder and principal designer at Furia, a branding and design firm. His career has spanned 15 years and three continents with a diverse range of skills including graphic design, creative and art direction, front-end web development, branding and copywriting.


    Teo Herman RGD, Toronto

    Teo is a Designer & Project Coordinator at Entro. His experience combines wayfinding, information design and communications with a strong connection to environmental design and the urban experience. He is currently enrolled in a Masters Program in Digital Media at Ryerson University.

    Phil Mondor RGD, Kitchener

    Phil is Partner & Creative Director at Studio Locale, a design-driven boutique branding agency. The firm’s goal is to tell the story of its clients to the world using strategic communications and design.


    Nayla Yehia RGD, Toronto

    Nayla is a freelance designer whose network of clients expands to countries around the world from Canada and the US to England and Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, the U.A.E. and the Philippines. 

  • Presented by Jesse Gibb RGD at the AGM on April 25, 2018


    I don’t want to start any squabbles with other Committee chairs, but I often say I’m lucky to chair the “fun” committee. It’s a ploy I’ve used to woo new Committee Members and, the good news is, it’s entirely true. Our mandate continues to be to ensure RGD is providing relevant, meaningful, accessible opportunities for networking, professional development and community building across Canada. We do this by assisting with RGD’s In-House and So(cial) Good Design Awards, webinars, Portfolio Review Days, Future By Design series, Designers + Drinks + Discussions, Documentary Screenings and programming within DesignThinkers.


    Designer + Drinks + Discussions

    This initiative — originally organized by the now dissolved Provisional Committee— is an informal gathering of RGDs, and anyone else who is interested, to talk shop. The sessions are typically led by 2 RGDs and have been well attended and quite enjoyable by all accounts. Anecdotally, I can say that the event I attended recently in London fit really well with our goal to provide meaningful, accessible opportunities for networking. While we didn’t have a huge turnout, those who did come represented a nice range of backgrounds - students, designers, a marketing professional and a business consultant - which made for a very lively conversation. 



    We continue to host free professional development webinars for Members, and are continually exploring new topics and speakers to keep content fresh and engaging. We also continue to use the Webinar Program to vet potential DesignThinkers Speakers. We are always open to suggestions for topics or speakers for webinars, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with RGD if you are interested or have any ideas.


    In-House Design Awards / So(cial) Good Awards

    In 2017, we saw another highly successful In-House Design Awards with 200 entries and 42 winning projects celebrated at an Awards Ceremony held during DesignThinkers in Toronto. For 2018, we have taken a hiatus from the In-House Design Awards, to hold our So(cial) Good Design Awards again. We received 338 entries in total, almost double our number of entries in 2015, the last year we organized it, our judges have selected 49 winners. An exhibition of winning work will be on display at DesignThinkers Vancouver this May also with an Awards ceremony and reception. The In-House Awards will return in 2019 with an entry deadline in early June.


    Future By Design

    We have changed up the format of Future by Design, moving from a 3-person panel discussion based on a single topic with a group discussion at the end, to a sequential format where each panelist speaks to the overarching Future By Design topic and discussions happen immediately after each talk. The consensus so far is that the new format is working well.


    DesignThinkers Vancouver

    Our first DesignThinkers Conference in Vancouver was a huge success, being very well received by the design community in Western Canada. With over 600 in attendance, the audience were enthusiastic for it to be an annual event and our second Vancouver Conference takes place this May 29 and 30. Registrations are looking strong, and we anticipate another excellent event. The Committee has been working on a Pecha-Kucha style component to the event we’re calling Lightning Talks. We’ve had a number of entries from potential presenters and have selected 7 talks by local presenters that have been incorporated into the program. We are keen to see how this plays out with plans to add it to our Toronto Conference in the fall.


    DesignThinkers Toronto

    Despite some last minute rescheduling hurdles, DesignThinkers Toronto was very successful as well. With 1,700 in attendance, and an amazing line-up of speakers, DesignThinkers TO continues set the pace for design conferences around the world. The Committee helped orchestrate an Ice Breaker event with a “scrabble theme”, where participants were given a random set of letters and challenged to work with other participants to form the highest scoring word in a given category. Mayhem ensued, but with our VP of Membership, Brent Long’s help MCing, we made it out alive and our goal of breaking the ice was indeed achieved.


    This year’s DesignThinkers Toronto Conference will take place at our usual venue, the Sony Centre in downtown Toronto on October 24 and 25. It promises to raise the bar once again with a stellar line-up of speakers, a variety of additional programming, exhibits, designer marketplace and networking events. The Committee is currently working to help fill out the speaker lineup, as well as identify additional opportunities to support networking amongst Conference attendees.


    Other items

    We continue to assist and advise RGD on local funding requests for Members looking to organize events in their communities. One exciting opportunity for local organizers to consider is our Design Documentary Screening program. Our crack team at RGD HQ has worked hard to secure screening rights for an impressive list of design documentaries. One of which is Graphic Means, which will be showing in a number of locations in the coming months.


    Thanks to our amazing Committee Members: Tom Browne RGD (Toronto), Ross Chandler, Affiliate (Victoria), Melanie di Tullio RGD (Ottawa), Nicole Duncan RGD (Kingston), Ruth Farrugia RGD (Montreal), Anthony Furia RGD (Toronto); Philip Mondor RGD (Kitchener), Stussy Tschudin (Toronto), Nico Taus RGD (Sudbury), Nayla Yehia RGD (Toronto)

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