Top 5 Packaging Design of 2021

Focusing on originality, novelty, unique ideas and a contemporary approach to visual expression, Yurko Gutsulyak RGD shares the 5 most exciting packaging designs of 2021. 


Packaging design is one of the most elaborate design disciplines — it requires deep knowledge from numerous spheres and significant diverse experience. At the same time, packaging design is one of the most conservative disciplines that is slow to adopt visual innovation. Designers tend to work in a retro direction far more often than in a futuristic one. Thus, some packaging created a century ago looks contemporary and vice versa.


Fig Shop Nut Butter

by Loukas Chondros



This bold idea is a fine balance between symbols and patterns, making the packaging catchy and notable on a shelf. The packaging looks very attractive separately and in the series with wide scope for merchandising. Despite the black and white design, all SKUs are unique enough to guide customers. The design is intricate yet inexpensive to produce.


Saga Grand Gin

by Paprika



Eyes are the most engaging image in visual art and it is hard to get the same level of attention with any other. In this design, the missing eyes attract, depicting the mystery of the drink. The bottles are graphic with two levels of contrast: the first is the contrast between black, white and yellow and the second is the contrast between cold glassy, warm paper and neon yellow matte surfaces.


Pizza Bear

by Affordance Studio



This packaging is all about open-armed illustration and typography combined with childish joy and graffiti freedom. Unexpected colour mixing adds spontaneity and a 'yummy-cooking-party' vibe to the design. The packaging has some retro allusion but still appears very modern.



by Beetroot



The best part of this packaging is the graphic play — to achieve pattern simplicity while staying unique is challenging. Each packaged product gives a feeling of belonging to something bigger doubling up as an invitation to buy more. The complex colour palette allows for an expansion of the series. One of the main peculiarities of this project is a bridge between geometric repetition and wild nature.


by Lung-Hao Chiang



Delicate illustrations and lettering perfectly reflect the herbal origin of the product. The packaging is decorative and playful yet elegant. Hand-drawing suggests that the product was manufactured with deep care and probably produced in limited quantity.


Yurko Gutsulyak RGD is Ukraine born graphic designer and art director. In 2005, he launched Gutsulyak.Studio in Kyiv and the agency quickly earned national recognition as a leading design boutique. Yurko’s work has received some of the most prestigious design awards, including Red Dot, European Design Awards, Epica Awards, Pentawards, Dieline Awards, Graphis and Communication Arts. His designs have been exhibited in museums of France, Germany, China, Poland and Mexico. In 2017, Yurko moved to Toronto and Gutsulyak.Studio continues to work on both continents. The studio is mainly focused on packaging design and corporate identity. 



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