Junior Affiliate Membership Application Form
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    Personal Information



    Please select any of the following that are important to your identity. (We plan to use this information to better understand RGD's Membership and ensure we are accessible, relevant and inclusive to all. This information will not be shared publicly.)

    Current Employer

    Applicants need not be currently employed to be eligible for Junior Affiliate Membership.



    How many years have you been working in the field of design? (Only those with 4 or less years of professional work experience are eligible to be Junior Affiliate Members.)


    See the Association’s privacy policy statement at www.rgd.ca/about/policies.


    The annual fee for the Affiliate membership is $50 + HST = $56.50 based on a 12 month membership. You will be prompted to make payment upon submission of this form.


    Next Steps

    Applications are reviewed to ensure information is accurate and treated as confidential and will not be disclosed to any person who is not a part of the review process. 


    Contact: Zaria Pucknell
    Email: zaria@rgd.ca

    Phone: 1.888.274.3668 x 0022