Team Membership

Creative Team

An organization -- or department within a larger organization -- engaged in providing graphic design and other creative services to internal or external clients, and that supports the mandate and best practices of the Association. 


Team Membership offers companies with the opportunity to publicly align themselves with RGD, provides benefits of RGD Membership to staff such as industry resources, professional development and discounts, and supports your senior creative staff to get their RGD designations and build their profile within the wider industry.


$1,200 - Up to 5 Participating Staff, additional staff $200 each
Special discounted base price of $1,000 for companies with 1 or more Certified RGDs


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Email or call 1 888 274 3668 x 27.


Some companies currently enjoying Team Membership are:

Bold Graphic Communication Ltd.
Blend Creative Studio Inc.
Brightworks Interactive Marketing
City of Cambridge
Context Creative
Design de Plume Inc.
Fusion Design Group Inc.
Forge Media + Design
Gravity Inc.
Libera Graphics Ltd.
Ove Brand | Design
Philip Sung Design Associates Inc.
q30 design inc.
Shikatani Lacroix
The Works Design Communications