Co-working Spaces
  • Workhaus

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    Canadian made coworking.
    Workhaus boasts innovative workspaces that fuel productivity and inspire creativity. They have offices in multiple Toronto locations, Kitchener-Waterloo and Calgary. And they offer a wide range of workspace solutions for individuals and teams of all sizes at every location. The available options range from hot desks, to dedicated desks, to event space rentals, to private offices. Get excited to come to work everyday.
  • Coworkly - Ottawa

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    261 Montreal Road, #310 
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K1L 8C7
    Located only 5 minutes from downtown, Coworkly is the ideal spot for any remote worker who need access to a quiet, productive and welcoming space. Whether you just come for the hour, the week or the month, we're happy to welcome you to our friendly community and share all of our newest amenities with you including our custom phone booths, quiet zone, meditation/nap room, or our yoga classes with you.
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  • Good Gorilla - Toronto

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    Good Gorilla Coworking Space
    LL01-401 Richmond Street West.
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5V 3A8
    Community description
    Good Gorilla is a community of creative designers, entrepreneurs, independent contractors, digital nomads & freelancers. Whatever you call us, we’re changing the way the world works. We enjoy flexibility and autonomy, but often work in isolation and lack the structure and support needed for business development. Good Gorilla strives to fill these gaps and meet creative professionals’ emerging needs. Together we can learn and thrive as we face the unique challenges of the industry.
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  • Collab Space - Ottawa

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    70 Bongard Ave

    Ottawa, ON

    K2E 7Z9


    Space Description

    23,000 sq. ft. co-working and event space where we support our members to grow their businesses. At Collab Space, we take a personal interest in the growth and success of every business. We don’t simply provide our members with a place to work; we offer a community of mentors and a wide range of supports to help small businesses thrive.




    To book a tour, members can send an email to